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Trinidad and Tobago

The Port Alberni Canada to Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago maracas beach extravaganza!

Hey I heard there was some trinidadian listeners, and we happen to be heading down July.14 for a month to visit the Keepers family. She’s a born and raised trini and I heard Adam would come iif there was an event. I’m holding you to your word, it’s a 4 hour flight from San Antonio, ( 10 hours for us on Vancouver island). Please give lots of notice so if any like minded people wanted to attend they can make the necessary travel and accommodation arrangements. Thank you boys. And John it’s pronounced Nan- eye- mo Nanaimo.

please if at all possible RSVP to the email attached      Rodgledhill7@hotmail.com


Sunday Jul. 28, 2024

Noon – 5:00pm

Eastern time


Gordo Indians

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