Resources and Help

Site Update FAQs

What You Need to Know

  • NA Meetups has a brand-new site! Rewritten from the ground up, the new site makes it easier to find and schedule meetups, improves RSVPs, adds new ways to find events, and so much more. For a full description of everything that’s new, visit the change log.
  • Use your existing account to log on. Your events and venues have been pulled over from the old site.


What You Need to Do

  • Please update your account. The new site uses a new membership system. When you first log on, you’ll be prompted to update your profile. At minimum, add a display name and make sure your email address is the one you want to use for meetups. This and any other contact data you add will be attached to your events and your dedicated organizers page (coming later this year).
  • Check your upcoming events. If you have upcoming events, please review these and make sure they are correct.
  • Help me update past events. While your past events and venues have been pulled into the new site, the links between them have, for the most part, been broken.When you log on, take a second and edit your past events — choose the appropriate venues for those events. This will help me with some future features for the site.