Resources and Help

Common Questions

Do I need to create an account in order to use the site?

You only need to create an account if your want to post a meetup.


I submitted a meetup but it’s not live on the site yet. What gives?

In order to cut down on spam, all events are reviewed by the back office before being posted to the site.

The back office might edit your post for clarity, reject your meetup entirely, or publish it to the site.

Meetups are checked twice a week so please make sure you post them EARLY. This also ensures Adam has time to announce them on air. Last minute posts will be handled on a case by case basis, but we won’t run around like chickens with no heads if your event it tomorrow and you didn’t remember to post it until 1 am that morning and then you drunk email us and expect it to go live right away.

I mean we got lives, man.

If you still need help, contact the back office.


Where can I find RSVPs for my events?

RSVPs can be found under “My Meetups.


Can I edit events after I submit them?

Yep. Simply click on “My Events” and edit an event on the list. You can also set an event as “Cancelled” or “Postponed” which will show up on the front end of the event.


How do I submit a meetup report?

No Agenda Meetups does not currently host meetup reports (tho this may change in the future.)

If you have a meetup report, please email it directly to Adam with the subject line “Meetup Report.”

The best meetup reports are short audio clips of attendees introducing themselves, or other short vignettes that give the atmosphere of the meetup.