How to Hold A Meetup

Five Easy Steps to Plan a No Agenda Show Meetup:

  1. Take the plunge: pick a venue
  2. Decide on a date and start time
  3. Post on
  4. Leave your contact information
  5. Send an email to Mimi at


How to pick a venue?

  • The place you pick should have easy parking or be close to public transportation (or both).
  • It should be kid-friendly / family friendly.
  • The best meetups have been at a local tavern, brewery, or bar that has a roomy, open layout.
  • A public venue is better than a private home.

What if a restaurant wants a reservation?

  • Avoid places that want you to reserve a space, or want to put you in a private room. That isn’t the way these things work. There is no way to gauge attendance based on the RSVPs, because these are usually ridiculously inaccurate.

Why should it be kid friendly/family friendly?

  • Every event, so far, has had a few babies and kids in tow. This way both parents can attend the event. In all instances the kids have been a great addition, and a pleasure to have.

Should I tell the venue that a group is coming?

  • NO. The silly idea that some restaurants and bars have that you should coordinate and organize a group of people you’ve never met is insane and impossible. Attendees are responsible for their own bar / food tab.

How do No Agenda Fans find each other?

  • When you post your event, add a description and say where to meet (left side of the bar; on the patio; near the kegs; etc.). The first few minutes of a meet up are always awkward — it’s like a blind date. I recommend the use of a code phrase to identify each other (“In the morning!”) which gets some odd looks from people who aren?t fans, but the people who know are obvious.

How do I know how many people will come?

  • You don’t. The best you can do is get the word out, email Mimi, and let the No Agenda magic happen. But no matter if it’s five people or fifty, it’s always a great time.
  • The site does include an RSVP feature but not everyone who RSVPs will show up — and not everyone who shows up will have RSVP’d.

How do I get the word out?

  • Post your event on With a centralized website for all No Agenda meetups, people can easily double check the details of the event.
  • Email Mimi at
  • Mimi will make sure that John and Adam are informed (and reminded) of the event so they can mention it during shows leading up to the event. Mimi will remind John to put it in a newsletter. And she will notify Aric the Shill to send out a missive to all the producers and knights within a 100 mile radius of your even. She will also post it on, and the various No Agenda Show Facebook groups.

How does the No Agenda Meetups site work?

  1. You’ll need to register for an account on
    Register for an account here.
  2. Add your event on the submit page. You’ll most likely need to add the venue (including address) and some information about the organizer of the event.
  3. Hit “Submit.”
  4. Your event will be reviewed (to avoid spam) and once approved, it will appear on the site.