Columbus, OH

Central Ohio Meetup: Tip Top

Central Ohio Meetup: TIP TOP Kitchen and Cocktails Fellow Producers, we are having another Central Ohio Meetup this Saturday at Tip Top Kitchen and Cocktails downtown Columbus. There’s only 2 small TVs in the bar so it will make a great environment for amygdala shrinking. Most importantly, they have Pabst Blue Ribbon on tap! (and in 24 oz tall boys just in case the tap runs out)   We’ll meet at 1:30 PM ET.

Central Ohio Meetup’s April Meetup!

ITM Slaves! It’s time for another Central Ohio Meetup! We are back at Dempsey’s Pub downtown Columbus April 22nd. We’re looking forward to another kick ass meetup to keep all our amygdalas as small as possible.

Central Ohio hit them in the mouth meetup.

What up producers! There’s another Central Ohio Meetup happening this weekend. We’ll be at Ringside Cafe downtown Columbus. Allegedly it’s the oldest bar in the city.

Central Ohio Meetup

In The Morning Producers! Come join us for another Central Ohio Meetup at Gemüte Bier Garten in the Columbus neighborhood hood Old Town East! They have a cool bier garten and serve really good German Biers by the liter as well as German Essen. Let’s have a good time and keep our amygdalae in check.

Central Ohio Meetup

ITM Slaves! Join us at India Oak Grill this Saturday at 3PM for another No Agenda Central Ohio Meetup. Don't let this "Record Setting Heat" expand your amygdala. Where: India Oak Grill: 590 Oakland Park Ave, Columbus, OH 43214 When: July 15th @3PM Est.

Columbus, OH

Central Ohio Meetup

Hey Producers! We are back at Dempsy's for another Central Ohio Meetup. Join us August 26th @ 5PM to keep our amygdala's as shrunken as possible. 346 S High St.

Dayton’s Dog Days Meetup

Come join us at The Dublin Pub Friday night August 11 for a much-needed NA Dayton meetup. Possible walk around on 5th street's DORA to walk off the grub and maybe grab one last beer. 300 Wayne Ave Dayton Ohio 45410 August 11 @ 5:00 PM Sir Leary 937-901-8111

Central Ohio’s Booster Macht Frei Meetup!

What's up you Salves?  There's another Central Ohio Meetup happening August 26th at Dempsy's Downtown Columbus. Let's have fun enjoying the dystopian future. The Future is here!

Central Ohio Meetup

ITM Slave. We are back at Dempsy's for our monthly No Agenda Meetup. Join us September 30th for some amygdala shrinking. Dempsy's Food & Spirits: 346 S High St, Columbus, OH 43215 5PM Sat September 30th.

Central Ohio Meetup. October 20th.

ITM Everyone. Another month, another Central Ohio Meetup. We are back at Dempsy's Friday October 20th. No Saturday meetup for a while due to Ohio Sate Football.

Columbus, OH

Central Ohio Meetup: November

ITM Slaves. We are back at Dempsy’s Friday November 17th. Join us in our cultastic amygdala shrinking!   Dempsy’s a kitchen and Spirits 346 S High St.