Los Angeles, CA

Flight of the NoAgenda Meetup #26 @3:33pm PT

It's crazy out there so let's talk and go over things. Come, as you are, and hang out. We will be enjoying the great weather, outside, by the firepits.

Torrance, CA

Flight of the No Agenda Meetup #030

It's coming folks, another mask mandate for LA county.  So let's do a meetup before it hits.  Everyone come.

Agoura Hills, CA

Flight of the No Agenda Meetup #032 – Cronies Sports Grill – Agoura Hills @3:33 PT

Slaves, shitizens, and comrades,The decline of western civilization continues, and there's no time to waste.  Let's have another meetup, in Agoura Hills, California.  Catch some sports highlights and let's catch up while your amygdala (which performs a primary role in the processing of