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The Van Isle “Where Were You?” Meetup – Victoria, BC, sCANADA @4pm PT (6 Mile Pub)

Sat, September 11 at 4:00 pm8:00 pm PDT

I think we all had a great time at the Bastille Day meetup (11 people including myself showed up), and the Tremblays (we all missed you very much) said that possibly a weekend would be better…I thought this would be an interesting theme as well.

September 11, 2001:
I remember waking up at my stepdad’s mother’s house (already disorienting), everyone was watching TV and I guess it was before 6am, because I’m pretty sure I remember seeing the second plane hit the other tower (the first one was 8:45am EST I believe). But it may not have been live coverage. And they did just keep replaying it all day I’m pretty sure.
I was 14 at the time and in grade 8 (or 7). Still in shock from the transition to high school (and school in general).
I’m pretty sure all we did that day was watch live news coverage in every class. It was pretty much a day off, but really it seems now like a day of mass brainwashing. I’m pretty sure, even at the time, I thought that someone must have a damn good reason for doing that. Like, even if it wasn’t orchestrated by the US government (which was the biggest conspiracy theory at the time that I was aware of) then someone had to be really pissed off at the US government and maybe they had reason to be. I was also really into The Matrix at this time too, haha. Little did I know.

Anyway, please come if you can, please RSVP. I will be better about responding to RSVPs to confirm this time.
Thank you Barbara, Garrett, Carson, Joe, Alex, John, Kyle, Quentin (and I’m sorry I didn’t catch your wife’s name). I’ll sit at the other end of the table this time, unless we can get that triangle table arrangement. If you can’t make it this time, I’m still planning on a meetup in late October or early November (any input on time of day or day of the week would be taken into consideration, as well as a change of venue or location…Alex? Carson? Shooting Range?;-).

Please feel free to contact me (Tim) @WinstonSmith@noagendasocial.com
or CerPeption@protonmail.com

Love and light,
Tim Wright


Sat, September 11
4:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Tim Wright @WinstonSmith@noagendasocial.com