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Albany, CA

Northern Silicon Valley “Get John out of the House” Meetup 2.0

ITM! The NFL playoffs are in the air, but it is Pro Bowl Weekend and nobody cares!  Why not try to get JCD out of the house again for a meet-up before next weekend’s big game?  The event was such a success back in October at Club Mallard that we must do it again at the same convenient location for JCD. We will bring another envelope for John & Adam and dedicate the donation to a present douchebag for an eventual knighthood/damehood.  Quite a few people brought their own envelopes for JCD last time, and that was cool, but remember we are also going to make a group donation.  It will be one week before Super Bowl weekend, so before we gamble away possible donations to produce NA shows on a fixed Super Bowl game (notice how the refs rarely call holding penalties in the big game) let’s support each other and the show!  As John likes to say,  “This is a SCAM!”

P.S. Don’t forget to support that lovely bartender again.  She was great.  Hopefully she will be working again on 2/3/24.



Saturday Feb. 03, 2024

3:33pm – 6:33pm



Sir Recalcitrant "Crazy" Steve II

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