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Camp Hill, PA

NA Three Mile Island Evac Zone Meetup (central PA) @3:33pm ET

Dear President Mister Joe Biden-
You are my most favorite president ever! When I was in kindergarten, I liked Trump, but my teachers all told me about how bad orange people are ever since then. Please keep us safe from scary balloons and viruses and Putin and freeze peach.
Mom says your wife is a doctor teacher. What’s that like? I don’t really like teachers or doctors very much.
My parents are going to a meetup for a podcast called No Agenda. It’s this Sunday at 3:33pm at EverGrain Brewing near where we live in Camp Hill, PA. Should I report them to the Federal Government? They say that people have a good time, but talk about what they think without anyone telling them what to do. They don’t even yell at them. It sounds kinda weird.
Your Friend,
Taylor (Like Taylor Swift!)


Sunday Feb. 19, 2023

3:33pm – 5:30pm

US Eastern Standard


Sir 737

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