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Denver, CO

Mile High Meetup

I’m having just returned from the ‘big lake’ of Superior in that cold & strange land of MinnesotaNutz/Wisconi,

& though we didn’t catch any fish…  as our tits froze off ..mournfully contemplating the fate of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald, ..big rollers beseeching our tiny craft. I imagined a better future,

-& now having returned to the Mile High City

am looking forward to rekindling a fire, and kicking it with my fellow knights, dames(shout out Care Bear), and douchebags! 

When you enter this establishment, we should be to the left (near the pool tables).. but we get thrown many curveballs- any time I give specifics..

(whether it be Taoist groups under our tree or Taylor Swift nights coinciding); “I shake it off, I shake it off”

So ultimately, 

[look for a dude in a white, red, or black hat, that is the sign/code that you have found the place!] & you are now amongst friends!

RSVP if you want, show up if you like -regardless ‘it is like a party’

Sir R


(for more details) or DM me @SirR@noagendasocial.com


Thursday Oct. 26, 2023

6:30pm – 9:30pm

Mountain Time


Sir R

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