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Denver, CO

Mile High Meetup

Having survived the emergency broadcast, this double jabbed Pfizer host’s heart is Still Ticking.  & today, I made my students (literally) turn their phones off, as we were having an interim. test [& I personally sorta didn’t want to die, ..allegedly lol].  

But 2 of them did not! & @ -12:20 MT, of those two students, blaring frequencies blasted from their phones!!!,One of them, a boy- fell out of their seat, trying to silence his hardware -in abject embarrassment.-The other, not speaking English, was utterly confused.

Hello FEMA region 8!

Please allow your favorite public educator to pontificate.., what a Crazy moon cycle!  Though I am of the science mind, my students’ devious behavior- has left me aghast /pondering perhaps there is something to all of this lunar conjecture?
& unlike the recently hammered machinations of Pelosi’s [investments](..some bad Ibogaine trip in underwear and kevin mccarthy’s speakership,)

We keep going here in Denver.

Fun tibet of news: No one wants to give Colorado wolves! [-passed by a margin of 2%, wolves were voted to be reintroduced by this coming december], & with Wyoming, Montana and Idaho governments having emphatically told Colorado, “Shuv it”.  Polis has interestingly rolled the dice towards the Nez Perce Tribe, ..much to the chagrin of Idaho!..

*****Update!  BREAKING NEWS -Oregon has apparently stepped up, as we march ever closer to that December wolf deadline!  Their market is open!

& on a sadder tenor, we are witnessing an unprepared Israel facing down a colloquial ‘9/11’ moment.  -I honestly thought a nuke was going to shift us towards this coming block, but after tearfully watching some of the raw videos…  Robert Jordan would likely contend that the Wheel continues to turn, and certain cyclic milieus, like a Yom Kippur War of almost 50 years ago to the day, are seemingly warping us back to the 70s!

-Elucidating a groovy future, like some John Winthrop sermon with sunglasses from 1630!

Come on out!  Lets armchair the ish out of this thing,  build new friends and connection -& socializing like some weird Fibonacci sequence!!

It’s truly,

like a party<333

For more information feel free to reach out

Sir R (Peter)



#HowlTotheMoon #protectOurParks #ProtectOurFarms #protectOurChildren 


Thursday Oct. 12, 2023

6:30pm – 9:30pm

Mountain Time


Sir R

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