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Blue Island, IL

Cabbage Smash!

Prepare for St. Patty’s Day in style just south of Chicago in Blue Island.  As we celebrate the death of Saint Patrick, the celebration also represents the arrival of Christianity in Ireland in the Early Middle Ages.

Join Gitmo Chicago FEMA R5 at the Cabbage Bash!  You are sure to have a smashing good time.   So we can hit more than people in the mouth.  Limited supply of cabbages so come early if you are just jitty about having a smashing good time.  Morning Star type weapon used in past as baseball bat as cabbage is chucked towards you.  Check out venue for more info.

This amygdalin shrinking good time just south of Chicago proper.  Doushebags welcome also.

Group is AKA:

  • Secret Society for the Prevention of Sobriety
  • Southside Irish Slaves



Saturday Mar. 16, 2024

2:00pm – 4:00pm



Dame Cortney Guardian of Liberty

Registrations are closed for this event