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Gladewater, TX

Friendsgiving – Taco Tuesday, Potluck, and Outdoor Movie at FRed Lobster

Taco Tuesday Friendsgiving, Potluck, and Outdoor Movie

Attention Fellow Gitmo Nation Slaves!

You’re cordially summoned to our No Agenda Meetup—a night where the best podcast in the universe inspires a Friendsgiving gathering with a taco twist! It’s time to decompress from your amygdala-shrinking duties and enjoy some IRL fellowship, feasting, and film.

We’ve got the taco essentials covered – tortillas, proteins, and cheese. You can bring along a side, a topping, or perhaps a dessert that pairs with our theme?

Here’s the Rundown:

  • No Agenda? No Problem: No talking points, no clips to play, just good company and great conversation. The perfect chance to meet fellow producers and discuss your favorite moments from the show… all while chowing down on some delicious tacos!
  • Taco Tuesday Potluck: In the spirit of Gitmo Nation, bring your favorite taco accompaniments—be it a side, salsa, or something sweet for after. We’re a tribe of producers, after all, so let’s produce the best taco table this side of the border!
  • Friendsgiving Fellowship: As we gather around the taco spread, we’ll share stories, laughs, and maybe even debate who is the best end-of-show mixer. It’s all about community, just like our beloved podcast.
  • Cinematic Night Cap: As the fake news fades and the stars come out, we’ll settle in for an outdoor movie screening. It’s a classic that’s sure to spark conversation and maybe even a few ISOs for the next episode.

So, Y’in? Y’out?

RSVP by Monday the 13th so we can get our taco count right!

Y’all be Good…



Tuesday Nov. 14, 2023

4:30pm – 10:00pm

Central Time Zone


Dirty Jersey Whore

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