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Dayton Ohio, Podfather’s Day Meetup

ITM Human Resources and lab grown lads.

Let’s take back June for the Dads out there by having 3 Celebrations in June!

The 1st and most important Meet Up is the time you spend with the Dad in your family. Or for the Dads out there, the time you spend with your kids. If your Dad is no longer with us. Remember to thank them, they’re still listening.

The 2nd and 3rd are of equal importance.

The 2nd Meet Up is June 21st.  @ Dempsy’s @ 5:30 PM. Columbus Ohio.

The 3rd is The Dublin Pub in Dayton Oh on Hune 29th. @ 5:30 PM.


PS I will post this for the COM and Dayton Meetups.

Any Questions Feel Free to contact me, Sir Leary, I hit my dad in the mouth, and you can toooooooo!


Sir Leary,

Cell: 937-901-8111

Email: nleary1109@gmail.com


Saturday Jun. 29, 2024

5:30pm – 9:30pm

Eastern Time


Sir Leary

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