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UPDATE!! VENUE NOW BOOKED!! Brisbane ‘shots-in-arms’ slaves meetup! @5:30pm Australia Eastern Standard Time

Fri, February 26 at 5:30 pm9:00 pm AEST

Calling all slaves in Brisbane!! The time has come to cower in place…together! As our overlords slip this cleverly fashioned noose around our collective (and figurative) necks and yank it ever tighter; it is high-time that we band together and help each other navigate our way through these Orwellian times.

This is an open invitation to Queensland No Agenda supporters who would like to connect over a pint or two, perhaps even a meal and share thoughts on our current predicament with like-minded folks.

I propose a pub in the Brisbane CBD which is large enough to cater for such a gathering, but it must also be humble enough so when our group of plebs and misfits trickle in, we won’t raise too many eyebrows or attract looks of disgust from any high-born elite nearby. However, a more family friendly environment can be arranged if required.

For those slaves interested in attending, please reach out to me on the email included in the details (which has 4 x ZEROs, not OHs) so we can create a ‘think tank’ and coordinate a venue which is convenient for all…or most…or some.

I haven’t met any other likeminded No Agenda slaves in Brisbane before, but I hope that the meet-up will live up to the following: No triggering…no outrage culture…No Agenda…no worries mate!

Don’t eat me Anastasia Palaszczuk, you’re scary, so scary!!!

UPDATE: Venue booked – Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club, Manly, Queensland.

We have about eight or nine producers confirmed attending. I have booked us a table with a view over the lovely Moreton Bay waterfront. I need some notice if we are to increase the table size to cater for more attendees, but I will happily do it to accomodate more producers.


JD The Spook


Fri, February 26
5:30 pm – 9:00 pm

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