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2nd No Agenda Central Texas MEAT-Shoot! @10am CT

Saturday, June 27, 2020 at 10:00 am5:00 pm CDT

REMINDER: Bring an extra set of shoes in case it rains. You will thank me when you get back in your car to drive home!!

The No Agenda CTX Meet-Cute
….. I mean Meet-SHOOT
…… $%&@+! MEAT-SHOOT
is back due to popular demand!!!

Your No Agenda Local 512 Black Baron of the No Agenda Armory and my Rootin’, shootin’, gunsmokin’ hot wife invites the No Agenda Nation to the 2nd Central Texas MEAT-SHOOT outside of Lockhart, Texas.

This event will once again be a day long event held at the Lone Star Gun Range (Information about LSGR in the event details below) come rain, snow or shine. Since this event will be held heading into Texas July, beside emptying your gun safes and ammo lockers, plan on bringing a cooler with plenty of water and sunblock. Also bring a towel or wet wipes to clean your hands of gunpowder and lead residue.

I am asking all NA Local 512, NA Local 210 and other NoAgendaNation members within driving distance to bring your Dames and passive listeners to the event. I would like to make this event extremely DAME friendly. I am also asking for any experienced women shooters or LTC holders to RSVP to me directly. I would like to find a few of you that would be able to help to introduce new-Dame shooters to shooting.

Based on the selection of the firearms that we had in December, there may not be a better event for you OR your better halves to shoot a wider variety of firearms than any shooting range has to offer.

We will shoot from 10a-3p when we will adjourn to Lockart for the MEAT part of the event. We did Black’s BBQ in December, so Kung-Flu rules allowing we will switch it up and go to Kreuz Market this time

PLEASE RSVP Here. I will use your information to create a personalized NA Local 512 Badge so that we may identify each other when we start sharing each other’s toy collection

Details and Rules:
– No matter your firearm experience level, everyone should feel empowered to speak up if someone handles a firearm in an unsafe manner
– Anyone who gets called out needs to set ego aside and fix the behavior, even if you don’t think you were being unsafe
The cost for the range is $15 for the entire day
– Only attendees wearing a NAlocal512 badge are allowed to shoot guns that producers are sharing. Please get your badge when you arrive from your Baron of the Armory
– This outdoor range has short pistol bays and 100 yd rifle ranges (No pistols on the rifle range)
– There is a .22 caliber steel target plinking range
– There is a shotgun ranges with ability to place clay targets on the range for fields of fire training
– There is a clay target thrower for shotguns. Buy clays at the range or bring your own
– Be respectful of other’s ammo. Either bring your own, or buy ammo at the range (ammo bought at the range is more expensive)
– If you are shooting other people’s ammo in their guns, offer to pay or replace what you shoot
– Bring extra paper targets unless you want to purchase them at the range (Academy is a great source)
– No Exploding targets or non-paper targets (No CD, Cell Phones , Etc.)
– Steel targets are not allowed except for the .22 caliber plinking range
– Producers should shoot the gun at the station where they are located
– Gun’s should not be moved by anyone except by the gun’s owner
– If you are concerned about serial numbers on guns being captured by the ubiquitous cameras then you should cover them with tape
– Similarly, if you are concerned about your face being captured by the ubiquitous cameras you should wear a Kung-Flu Mask, a Guy Fawkes mask (or a

Range Map: https://www.lonestargunrange.com/documents/map-lone-star-gun-range.jpg
Previous Event Website: https://nalocal512.com/MeetShoot001


Saturday, June 27, 2020
10:00 am – 5:00 pm


Sir Scott, Baron of the NA Armory

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