• Small updates to the contact form and resources page
  • Band-aideded bug where some users would not have a username displayed.
  • Updated registration form to make a display name required.

Organizer email addresses (and phone numbers, etc.) are now hidden by default.

This data will be shown only to logged in users, and to anyone who RSVPs for your meetup (RSVPs receive an auto-generated message which contains your email address.)


– Fixed location and zip-based search
– Map view fixed and re-activated

Your Brand-New NA Meetups Site!

I’m happy to announce the BRAND-NEW No Agenda Meetups site!

This is a complete, ground-up rewrite, and I’m really excited to present it to the community.

I’ve updated practically every part of the site, added new features, tweaked how things look, worked to make everything clearer and simpler, and put the “fun” back into “Meetups” —  🤔

Here’s just some of what’s new:

  • Look, new! I mean — new look! — The site has a new look and layout and clearer navigation.
  • Easier communication between organizers and attendees — One of the most requested features for NA Meetups! When you RSVP for a meetup, you’ll get a confirmation email. You can now reply directly to that email and your reply will go to the organizer — so you can ask questions or communicate directly with your host. Organizers can now email all of their attendees directly to update them or provide new details.
  • Organizers can now duplicate past meetups — just hit “Duplicate” under any event on the “My Events” page, then update with a new date and time or location.
  • Better features for organizers — There is now a dedicated “My Events” tab at the top of the site where organizers can see all of their events and event RSVPs.
  • Cancel or postpone events — You can now set the status of an event as “cancelled” or “postponed” if needed, and this will be marked on the events list.
  • New views — View upcoming events in different ways – show events happening today, view as a calendar, view as a list or view meetups on a map (broken at the moment; coming soon).
  • New search and filter features — You can now search and filter all posted meetups. Show only meetups happening in a specific country or state, show meetups by a specific organizer, search for meetups near a specific location, etc.
  • New accounts system — An entirely new accounts system for No Agenda Meetups accounts. Add links to your social media profiles (including NA Social). You can also easily update your password or email without having to reach out to the admin!
  • Find past events — Before, old events disappeared off the site once they happened. Now, past events can be found by choosing a past date from the dropdown, or scrolling backwards through the list. (Looking for a meetup that happened a couple of weeks ago in Philadelphia? Use the new filter option to show only Philly meetups then scroll into the past to see previous meetups!)
  • Added security — Added email and phone number obfuscation to prevent spam harvesters.
  • Other things too boring to mention

And even more to come!

I want to thank the beta testers who helped test the site during development — you know who you are!

If you get value from this site, please consider a donation!

There’s lots of time and talent put into NA Meetups – your treasure helps keep it up and running and allows me to make upgrades like this.

Thank you for your courage!